learning to let go and allow a MAN to completely own ur body leads to the greatest of pleasures due to a true sub. feel HIM overpower u. think of the pleasure HIS GODCOCK is providing as HE works it deep and hard into ur body. allow HIM to push u past the point of no return. prepare for this possibility. it may feel like u r about to pee and that may make u wish to stop, to save a carpet or the mattress. have something there, as a sub should never make a lingering mess, to catch it. then push ur cunt out. this will move the muscles around ur prostate and maybe u too will feel HIM fuck the cum out of u. nothing like a hands free assgasm to remind u of the power of the ALPHA MAN in ur gut.

see the MEN i worship. follow me at 

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My name is Rob. I am a gay male who can appreciate all aspects of sex, vanilla to kink, gay, straight or bi, as long as it is hot and makes your cock hard. I love to jack off alot, therefor my pics have all been found online or reblogged. If any of these pics are yours and you want them removed, just let me know.


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