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This is how it goes down in prison. After being repeatedly beaten and raped, the bottom’s will is broken, and comes to realize it’s far easier to just give in. When one of the men needs relief, “she” assumes the position (on her belly with her legs open) and the men are free to mount and fuck her without any loss of status for themselves.

After his Mom saw this picture on the internet… she would never use that Picnic Table again at family gatherings.
I love fucking like this!

I tell ya, having the school build the sauna for the team was one of the best thing I asked for. We gather in the sauna almost after every practice. Watching these kids enjoying themselves was worth every cent they spent on this. I never get tired watch these young, hard bodies sucking and fucking each other.
"C’mon, coach! Don’t make me wait any longer!" I heard the voice next to me that interrupted my train of thought. I turn around and my favorite player Rex is already on his back, his legs spread wide up and up in the air, exposing his lubed, puckered hole. Never to disappoint any of my players, I aimed my hard 9-incher and shoved it in deep into Rex’s eager hole, causing both of us to moan loudly.
As I begin my fucking motion, I make a mental note to invite the university’s President to use the sauna one of these days. I know just exactly how to get these kids to thank him for building this for us.

milked like a cow until the nutts are hurting

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My name is Rob. I am a gay male who can appreciate all aspects of sex, vanilla to kink, gay, straight or bi, as long as it is hot and makes your cock hard. I love to jack off alot, therefor my pics have all been found online or reblogged. If any of these pics are yours and you want them removed, just let me know.


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